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Located in Makawao Town in the Upcountry Area; 8 miles from Kahului Airport.

Email: lotus6763@aol.com Website: www.hawaiichiropractichome.com

About Our Practice

Dr. Beth Pickford's office is located in "Upcountry Maui," in the beautiful plantation town of Makawao; a center for holistic healing. The clinic atmosphere reflects the relaxed lifestyle of Maui. Dr. Pickford is committed to serving you in meeting your healthcare goals. Dr. Pickford's Gentle Chiropractic Care will help to unleash the innate healing potential within your body allowing your body to more effectively heal itself. People typically feel very relaxed, centered and aligned after a treatment. More detailed information about my practice: I use gentle, low force, chiropractic techniques to release soft tissue tension around the spine before doing any structural adjusting. Light touch (acupressure- like) contacts are done at specific points of connective tissue attachment along the spine to promote an unwinding of the tension in the nervous system. By releasing the tension in these meningeal tissues, which surround and protect the central nervous system, nerve impulses begin to flow more optimally . These impulses serve to enliven, animate, balance and heal the body from the inside out. After doing the light touch contacts, the neural messages to the spinal muscles change, allowing them to relax more deeply. I then go into the muscle tissue surrounding the spine to assist them in freeing up of adverse tension or pulling, which can create misalignment of the vertebrae. This allows me to more effectively align the spine through structural adjustments or gentle tractioning. People typically feel very relaxed, rejuvenated, centered and aligned after a treatment. (Sometimes emotional releases will occur during or after the session as the body becomes increasingly more free of stored tension). The first visit includes a history, physical exam (posture assessment, range of motion, palpation and, if needed, orthopedic testing) and a treatment, as well. Please phone for an appointment. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your optimum health goals. Sincerely, Dr Beth Pickford

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Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1990.


Graduated Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic-WestLevel 3 Certified Network Spinal AnalysisSomatics Certifed

Chiropractic Techniques

Network Bio-Geometric Integration Diversified Torque Release Technique Sacro Occipital Technique

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